........For the concerts simply named „Songs and arias which captivated the worlf“ it can be said that are very rare examples of performances in ........Serbia which require extra tickets.Artists here are not allowed to get off the scene, three or four encores are an ordinary thing, and the audience can regularly be seen on their feet, greeting the artists with big applauses which sometimes can last more than ten minutes. The author of this project is Slavko Nikolic, tenor, soloist that with his music team arouses emotions on his performances in the widest audience.

........When did you start to occupy yourself with music?
........I've been into music since the primary school. I finished the Elementary Music School„Dr Vojislav Vuckovic“ in Cacak, then I moved to Belgrade where I started solo singing, first in the Music School „Stankovic“, at professor Danica Tomkovic, then at Olivera Grujic. In that period I met a manwhich conducted the „Narakord“ ensemble,Djordje Kangrga, with whom very soon I started to perform. Then for the first time I felt the magic of the scene. "Narakord" was a great octet. We performed the evergreen music. In that period, the members of the ensemble „Narakord“ were Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijevic, a famous chanter and painter, then the ex Director of Radio Belgrade–Rade Veljanovski, Milenko Lazic, MusicEditor of satellite program of RTS, Mihajlo Svab, accordionist, and others. We were famous by the song "Eleno, mome, Eleno", which was, once, the hit of Radio Belgrade.

........Later on you had your own band.
........Yes, the name of the band was "Smekeri" and we cultivated so-called urban folk music. In our sound, you might recognize the famous „Legende“, so we were their forerunners in some way. We were very popular. We were performances over the Europe, and for a year we played in then so popular „Romanitaro“, which was in the place of today's "McDonald's"

........Was "Smekeri" consisted of professional musicians?
........Yes. Members of the band wereSrdjan Jacimovic (RIP), a composer, and Igor Vasiljevic, violinist,later the concertmaster of Belgrade Philharmony. We also had female singers for different types of music, for folk, for gypsy songs, chansons.

........Apart from the scene, you were a regular student.
........Yes, it's true. I finished the Music Academy in Belgradeand then mastered at professor Zvonimir Krnetic . Before that I studied The higher graphic schoolin Zagreb and I can be proud of myself that I was one of the youngest graphical engineers in that city. During the time spent in Zagreb, I learned singing in the Music School "Vatroslav Lisinski", at the famous tenor Noni Zunec, while the director of the school was Vladimir Kranjcevic, conductor, with whom I later on had a nice collaboration, since for years he was a Chief Conductor of the Music Production of RTS.

........Have you ever worked as graphical engineer?
........Yes, after my return from Zagreb. I was a technical director of the ex "Jez" and I can say that I was very successful. We were producing covers for the LP plates for almost all the labels in the ex Yugoslavia. The label industry was in its real boom in the 80s.

........Wnen did music become a part of your profession?
........Exactly in that period. I established a family, I got a child and I needed an apartment. Then I suddenly saw an ad in the newspaperin whichthe Artistic Ensemble of the Yugoslav Armyhad been looking for the tenor soloist. I applied, I passed the auditionand since from 1986I was a soloist of the Artistic Ensemble of the Yugoslav Army.When I look back at that period, I can evoke very nice memories. The ensemble was extraordinary, one of the best in the ex-Yugoslavia for sure. We had a great symphonic orchestra, a choir, a pop orchestra. We also had a huge number of concertsand every year 5-6 great tours , so we were hosted in many European countries. Our most eminent artists were performing with us, let me mention only some famous names, such asRadmila Bakocevic, Radmila Smiljanic, Nikola Mitic, Gordana Jeftovic, Jovan Kolundzija, Angela Sureva, Mladen Jagust, Pavle Medakovic, etc. Then the ensemble was conducted by an artist who was a legend – Branko Karakas. We were performing at, once, leding festivals of music, such asDubrovnik Summer Festival, Ohrid Summer, Split Summer, Festival of Pula, Belgrade Music Festival... Today, when I evoke that period,I can say that exactly with this ensemble I mastered my craft, since you learn on the scene.

........After the Artistic Ensemble of Yugoslav Army, you became the soloist of the Radio Television of Serbia?
........I joined the RTS as a singer-soloist. In that time, this ensemble was in ascending line, so I realised that as its memberI might have more opportunitiesto make some permanent recordings, which represent the kind of traceof my own artistic beingand duration. I performed as soloistin Verdi's "Requiem" in Italy, Mikis Theodorakis' "Requiem" in Greece, "Misa Solemnis" in Kolarac Hall, "Bells" of Serge? Rahmaninov in Sava Centre, and I also participated in many other concertsin those prestigius halls, with top conductors, such asMilan Nacev, Mikis Teodorakis, Mladen Jagust, Angel Surev, Miodrag Janoski, Bojan Sudjic, Dejan Savic, Georgio Sini, G. Trikolisis etc.

........How did you started the concert project "Songs and arias which captivated the world", by which you are today mostly recognised?
........It occured from the project that I did before it, and it's name was „The most beautiful Napolitan and Spanish songs“. In the year 1996, with my colleagueSlavica Ciric Radic, I held two concert at Kolarac together withthe symphonic orchestra of Army, that excited a huge attention. Both evenings the hall was full to its brim, and PGP released a CDwith those songs. The third concert we did in the Hall of Army was incredible by many things. After all, we sang excellent. Then, the hall was crowded, and over 300 peoplestayed outside, hoping that they would, although all the tickets were sold-out, be allowed to get in. The security was forced to lock the Home, so that people wouldn's get in the building in rage. Even today, wherever we sing, the halls are crowded. I can be proud of the success that Isold-out Kolarac and four times Russian Home in Belgrade. The halls throughout Serbia were also full, wherever I had performances. The value of this concertwas also acknowledged in many European cities. With my colleague Suzana Suvakovic-Savic, I held around one hundred concerts (twice in London, three times in Paris,Budapest, Vienna, as well as in many other cities in the surrounding countries, such as Podgorica, Tivat, Banjaluka etc).

........When did you start collaborating with the artists which are today a part of the project "Songs and arias which captivated the world"?
I've been familiar with Miodrag Colakovic, a pianist, for over 16 years. I met him at one auditionwhen he applied for the position of a professor of piano – accompanistat the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade. I met Suzana Suvakovic-Savic 9 years ago, when we were performing at the Music Festival of Nis, singing solo parts in Nielsen's "Anthem of Love". Petar Golubovic is my colleague from the student daysand thanks to me, he removed all that instruments from the basement.

....... "Songs and arias which captivated the world" is the concert where the audience can hearNapolitan songs, arias, duets, Greek, Russian, Spanish songs. Why did you choose to follow this conception?
........It is not easy to make a good repertoitre. I've been searching notes for some songs for almost two years! I wanted to make a specific sound, using that privilege that Petar was playing several instruments at extraordinary level. So I included in the arrangements of Napolitan songs some authentic instruments such asmandolin, for Greek I chose bouzouki, for Russian–balalaika and accordion, and for the Spanish - guitar... I never thought to enrich the sound by strings, for example. Well, I already released twoo CD's with symphonic orchestra.I wanted to gather the smallest possible number of artists and to extract the best of them.

........What's the secret of success of those concerts?
........It is a combination of hard work, talent, extraordinary programand commitment of the top artists. A large sum of energy is simply "bursting" on the scene and it then reflects on the audience, too. You can see on their faces the moments of endless happinessand gratefulnessafter each concert, because we offer them the kind of music they want to hearand do not have the opportunity to do so, and the most important it is live, and not from CD. Most of my CD's are live performances. The labe l"Biveko" from Slovenyreleased our CD that was recorded on Kolaraclive for the European market. Because of that, after our rehearsal, and at the end of the most exhausting day, the fatigue disappears very easy.

........You also cultivate the Serbian solo song, since it is a part of your repertoire?
........I think it's my mission in this life! For almost 20 years I've been singing and cultivating the Serbian artistic solo song. I started to perform them, to say, by chance. In the early 90s, everyone of us felt some kind of rebellion. I felt it realising that I must do something in order to save my tradition. Since I am a musician, it was, of course, a music tradition. I met then a composer Milovan Filipovic. I liked his songs so I recorded a whole cycle of his songs.

........It is not a rare situation that musicians feel some kind of resistance to the local creativity.
........Above all, it was really a pleasure to meto interpret the music I like. That happened also with the songs of Filipovic. Simply, I liked them. We were rehearsing in impossible conditions: in halls where the piano was in terrible condition, in classrooms that did't have a central heating, but I had two motives–to sing the songs that I like, that I feel by text and melody, and in the sasme time, I act in order to preserve the local tradition. Also with the project "The pearls of songs of Serbia",Miodrag Colakovic and me succeeded in filling the concert halls. We are famous by the concerts held at the festival "Marble and Sounds", where we were guests many times, also at the "Days of Mokranjac", and Castle of Culture in Vrnjacka Banja. I did many concerts with my colleague Slavica Ciric-Radic as well . The concert of Serbian solo songs that we performed in 1999 at "Days of Mokranjac" and which was recorded by RTSwould become a part of the anthology, for sure.

........You also recorded a CD "Husky branches of almond", with the music of Vlastimir Stanisavljevic Sarkamenac.
........That was a project that was first performed in Paris, in a version for piano and voice, and then in Negotin, at the "Days of Mokranjac" with the symphonic orchestra of the Serbian Army, "Stanislav Binicki", and conductor Pavle Medakovic. In Paris it was a Europeanpremiere, and in Negotin the Serbian one. The composer Vlastimir Stanisavljevic - Sarkamenacpraised in his songs the Negotin Region, then Hajduk Veljko, Cucuk Stana,with the incredibly fresh invention, and many of those songs are already live in the people of Negotin, with a tendency to become real evergreens.

........You also collaborated with the other Serbian authors.
........I recorded the music of Ksenija Zecevic,Kosta Babic, Zoran Jovanovic, Sveta Bozic and Srdjan Jacimovic. I recorded the opera of Jacimovic "UnderTheSignOfMephistopheles" on behalf of radio festivals in Germany, together with Zeljko Lucic, who was then very young and perspective, and I foresaw his great future career, which he later had. It is interesting that I also predicted glory to Ivan Milinkovic, the soloist of the ensemble "Legends", with whom I used to sing at concertswith the Artistic Ensemble of YA, "Stanislav Binicki" throughout the ex Yugoslavia.

........Does some concert particularly remained in your memory?
........Yes, it was the concert we held on April 6th, 1999,in the middle of NATO aggression, in the Atrium of the National Museum. Although just before the concert we heard a howlerthat announced the danger of bombing, no one left the hall. The hall was crowded. At that concert I felt for the first timethe incredible energy between the audience and me, and today I would say that I bordered with defiance. I sang songs from the Serbian authors, and tears were rolling from the people's faces. I saw in their eyes the invincible spirit of the Serbian nation.

........Today you are also engaged as pedagogist. You founded the Department for solo singingin the Music School of Mladenovac.
........That was 10 years ago, and today I must say with pride that the Department lives in its full capacity and we two classes of solo singers. Our students are very successful. Many of them attend the high music schools in Belgrade, and some of them are studying at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade.

........This year for the first time,The First Festival of Serbian Solo Song will be held, competitive by its character,and you are its conceptual founder and art director.
........In many articles in the newspaper they recgnised meas an artist who brought back the Serbian solo song to the scene, which is not a favourite genre among solo singers. In the last 10 years or soI made around a hundred recordings that belong to this genre. Some of them are on the CDs, and a great number has been preservedas a permanent recordingin the music library of RTS. The festival of Mladenovac will beofficially openon 19th November. I am really thankful for the support toNada Torbica-Djokic, the director of the PMS " Stevan Hristic" from Mladenovac, who supported the whole idea,because, without her help,it could be impossible to organise such a happening.

........What is the purpose of this kind of festival?
........The aim is to affirm the Serbian solo songso as that it become an integral part of the Serbian singers' repertoire. At the same time, we also want to activateour composers to produce this type of work in the largest possible number, in order to enrich our contemporary vocal literature

........If you were not a musician, would you choose a career of graphic engineer?
........Probably yes. Today I would have my own companyand I would earn for sure more moneythan I getwith the job I chose, but I do not complain. Music gave me a lot of things. I couldn't have seen or experienced many things if I hadn't choson this profession of musician. The song is my life, it gave me many beautiful things in my life, much positive energy, much love and duration.

........How do you spend your free time?
........I have a very little time for myself, but I love to enjoy and travel. My huge love is river. I have a boat, I sail and, to quote Momo Kapor, "they can see me above Ada Medjica, there where the wateris green, and the Sava River the largest". I had that privilege to be in company with Momo Kapor, Pavle Vujisic,Dragan Nikolicand many other famous people, huge river lovers.

........Do you have some favourite places?
........Yes, Ada Medjica and Kopaonik.

........Some things you do not in your life for money, but for the joy of the audience who knows how to return. The feeling when the applause doesn't let you get off the sceneis a feeling that you just cannot pay with anything material.


The reputed tenor from Serbia Slavko Nikolic and Suzana Shuvakovic, prima donna at

the Belgrade Opera Houseexited the audience and were given ovations

"The World Success in London"

.........At the very beautiful Hall of St. Cuprian’s Church in the center of London , our reputed opera soloist and concert performer Slavko Nikolic and prima donna of the Belgrade Opera House soprano Susana Shuvakovic – Savic had performed and given the gala concert titled “ The World Famous Arias and Songs”.

.........At the crowded hall which was totally sold out ( price of ticket was within the range of
15-35 £ ) even may of the audience could not get a place to stand. Our reputed artists and genuine ambassadors of the country excited English audience and were given ovations. The audience greeted artists with many “Bravos” and almost ten minute acclamation inspiring performance to add four encores. As many at the audience and managers of the concert estimated this has been one of the best concerts at last ten years heard in this hall. There were two blocks of pieces performed :

.........In the first part the artist performed arias and duets from well known operas and operettas and in the second part they performed the most beautiful Neapolitan, Spanish , Greek and Russian songs which touched deeply the souls of the audience. The passion of the Mediterranean top master performance, high professionalism , charm and great energy which artists emanated left nobody of the audience indifferent. This was really a spectacular concert which will be remembered as the one when true art happened.

.........The soloists had excellent accompaniment whose members their most delicate musical expressions. This applies primarily to prof. Miodrag Kolakovic, pianist and Petar Golubovic who played mandolin, buzuki, balalaika and guitar.

.........After the excellent performance at these concerts, the artists were invited to give the gala concert during Christmas holidays in London.

December, 14, 2007 B.L.

42nd Festival “ Homage to Mokranjac “ Negotin

"The Serbian Premiere of "Strong Branches of the Almond Tree"

.........At the crowded hall of the Cultural Centre in Negotin, tonight the composer Vlastimir Stanisavljevic – Sharkamenac presented himself and his opus “The Strong Branches of Almond Tree “ to the audience.

.........And also the reputed tenor Slavko Nikolic who performed a set of songs ( 12 ) songs of this cycle accompaniment performed by the Symphony Orchestra of the Serbian Army “ Stanislav Binicki “ with conductor Pavle Medakovic.

.........The audience acclaimed the artists and after the long applause two encores were performed. This was the one of the best concerts in the program of the 42nd Festival “ Homage to Mokranjac “ Negotin.
And by its inventive content and inspiration refreshed the festival. The Serbian cultural heritage is richer with 12 new pearls and presentation of this work within 42nd Festival “ Homage to Mokranjac “ Negotin is the compliment to the selection made by members of the artistic board of the festival.

.........The audience heard songs : “ The c, “ Hey Kraina give Birth to Your Son” – the hymn of Kraina ,” Oh, Negotin Do You Remember”, “The Moonlight” , “ Oh, Negotin, the City of the Outlaw Veljko “ , “The Bird Jay”, “ The Gold Finch”, “ The Girl of Marriageable Age “ etc.

.........Mr. Slavko Nikolic the tenor was brilliant as soloist this evening and proved himself to be one of the best tenors in Serbia.

.........He was brilliantly supported by the accompaniment of The Symphonic Orchestra of the Serbian Army Stanislav Binicki led by the conductor Pavle Medakovic. It was exciting Serbian first performance of “ The Strong Branches of the Almond Tree “ and many other songs performed and heard that night will be heard as a heritage of Serbian people and the Negotin region.

September 18, 2008 G.K.

Concert of Slavko Nikolic and Miodrag Colakovic in Paris

"Pearls of the Serbian Music"

.........Prof. Petar Gojkovic the initiator and the organizer – in chief- of the traditional “The Week of Serbian Culture in Paris “ committed himself to organize different meetings than those organized so far together with International Educational Center “ Helen D’ Anjou” assembly the Serbs and Montenegrin’s Diaspora in France within the French all Serbian community of France at the Central Hall within the Orthodox Cathedral Saint Sava’s.

.........“I invited guests the master tenor Mr. Slavko Nikolic and pianist Miodrag Colakovic, interpreters of pearls of the Serbian songs composed in the lead style “. Mr. Gojkovic announced the concert with this sentence.

.........Then, dressed in tuxedo, the artist jumped on the stage who in his carrier so far toured many countries where he gave his beautiful art as the present to the audience. This time as always, the piano accompaniment of Mr. Colakovic who was to present small story about the program.

.........What we heard during that evening was interwoven in history. The master performance at the beginning introduced to the audience the overture of the opera “ The Battle at Kosovo” by Milovan Filipovic. The tenor Mr. Nikolic of the aria “ Duke Lazar” asked : “ Almighty shall I and how shall I choose the kingdom whether of profane living or shall I join kingdom of Heaven ; the kingdom of mundane living lasts shortly, the kingdom of Heaven lasts eternally and forever”.

.........Mr. Nikolic sang about “His Grandfather who was a Soldier in the War and arrived with troops far from his country to Thessalonica in Greece “ He paid his respect to him saying “ Eternal Glory “ to him and with his mighty voice he devoted an aria to the Virgin Mary and her charity offering forgiveness and salvation. In the final part, the impressive song “Standup Serbia” was performed quoting the line :”
We all have the same destiny ahead and the Serbs will grow up from nothing”.

......... “I have toured many times abroad but this is the first time that I perform this Serbian repertoire. We want that our people form America, Canada, Australia, Germany hear this that this program has deep effect in their inner being an dries warmhearted feelings and feelings that they belong to our community. These Serbian songs must be cherished worldwide and must no be forgotten. They should last 600 years. They are our musical Hilandars“ – that is how the tenor from Belgrade Mr. Slavko Nikolic declares himself.


.........And after the concert the guests and audience together with Mr. Sinisa Pavic the consul joined the cocktail and gave their compliments to performance and composers of this excellent Serbian concert.

O. Djokovic

"The World Premiere of Strong Branches of the Almond Tree in Paris"

.........Slavko Nikolic the Serbian reputed and leading tenor with his colleagues Miodrag Colakovic pianist, and Petar Golubovic guitar, had scored the great triumph in Paris in the world premiere of the” Strong Branches of the Almond Tree” by composer Vlastimir Stanisavljevic Sharkamenac held in the premises of the Serbian Culture Centre in Paris, during the “ Days of the Serbian Culture “.

.........The audience greeted the artists with long acclamations and ovations and artists gave them several encores.
” The Strong Branches of the Almond Tree”, the set of Serbian songs composed with artistic values, implanted into the harmony of the type Mokranjac had heroic poetry devoted to the outlaw Veljko, melodic elements and textual content of the ethos of the Eastern Serbia i.e. the Negotin Kraina ( he Negotin Region ) was performed on June 19th, 2007 on The 200th Anniversary of the Battle on Shtubik and Malainica, which is realistic basis for creation of the sixth garland written by Stevan Mokranjac and in its specific way by its finale is the epilogue of the lead “Mula Pasha Writes the Letter “ in which there is a threat :” Come on, move your forces from the camps”

.........Set of songs ” The Strong Branches of the Almond Tree”, by Vlastimir Stanisavljevic Sharkamenac is the echo of this sound from the past time – it’s mimesis and its reaction enriched by one musical individuality which was more inspired just by these very sounds. Therefore in this collection of songs one can hear arched musical epics which have been based and which begun it’s rise on unmovable columns such as the outlaw Veljko and Stevan Mokranjac are, and which continues and last through the appearance of each new authentic artist on this path, but the artist who offers unity of the sound and flow of its époque of the logical continuation of the past existence, because nothing begins just by itself alone.

.........Vlastimir Stanisavljevic Sharkamenac ked himself to travel to the world bringing with himself big luggage of artistic sounds of Kraina gathered of fairs, and celebration of the days of saints worshiped in Kraina, accompanied by accordion and voice of his father Bora Sharkamenac , but also of sounds of Mokranjac the reeve of songs which were his first musical and choral literacy. The next source of Stanisavljevic’s inspiration are folk customs, tradition, ritual and literature of Negotin ethos where the composer lived his childhood and youth.

.........The collection of composed songs ” The Strong Branches of the Almond Tree”, unparalelly points to the musical position of Vlastimir Stanisavljevic as composer with the range between traditional rules in music and modern artistic principles, open to all ideas and artistic freedom in creation and expression through composition where the aim is not to get it quickly the attractiveness and easy access to listener’s taste, but the aim is the seriousness of musical concept and content which are permanent elopements, a little birch to contribute to the further construction of building of the Serbian music.

“The News “ Z. Naidanovic Orlean, France

"Songs and arias which captured the world"

......Our famous and leading tenor Slavko Nikolic and great soprano Suzana Suvakovic-Savic gave numerous concerts in our country and abroad during July, August and September and they were accompanied by ovations. The concerts were held in Tivat, Nis, Krusevac, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Jagodina, Cuprija, Paracin, Uzice, Cacak, Ruma, Pancevo, Budapest… and theatre halls were too small to receive all the people who wanted to hear these two first-rate artists of classical music.

......Their performance was accompanied by the pianist Miodrag Colakovic and Petar Golubovic, who played mandolin, guitar, buzuki, balalaika and accordion. The public enjoyed the most beautiful italian and napolitanian arias and canzonas, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Argentinian and other songs. On the concerts which were held in the open air scenes, such was the case in Nis, Tivat, Jagodina, Budapest… there were present between 1500-2000 spectators on the average.

......Slavko Nikolic said in the interview for the “Glas”: “I am fascinated by the number of people who were watching us because it is a fantastic number concerning this sort of music. People approached us, asked for autographs and invited us to come again, and there were also invitations by organizators for the new guest performances…
......For the next season these first-rate artists are announcing a numerous pleasant surprises…

From the "GLAS JAVNOSTI" , B. L.

"Concert of the first-rate artists of classical music"

Opera arias once more

The public received the artists excellently because people who heard them had realized that those were great masters, and the conclusion of the solists was that” the real” music just needs to be let to find its way to the audience.

......The concert of the opera arias, organized by the Cultural centre “Paracin”, was held in the city theatre, on the 29th of September, in the honour of Day of borough. The most beautiful songs and arias from operas were performed by solists Suzana Suvakovic-Savic (soprano) and Slavko Nikolic (tenor), accompanied by Miodrag Colakovic (piano) and Petar Golubovic, who played mandolin, guitar, buzuki, balalaika and accordion. The audience, who filled more than a half of space of the hall, enjoyed the great repertoire, and applauses brought the singers to the encore performance. It is obvious that classical music doesn’t have a large circle of listeners in our country, but people who came really knew how to enjoy the skills and talents of our guests.
......Slavko Nikolic is the opera leader and concert singer, master of arts at the Faculty of the Music Arts in Belgrade. He gave guest performances in many countries throughout Europe, he cooperated with the greatest conductors and opera houses, recorded for ours and Italian television…
......“We are very glad that the audience received us so well, because wherever we perform we do our best, so they invite us all the time. We were singing in the open air scenes, in theatres, and recently in Nis in front of approximately 2000 spectators. If you carry over a positive energy to the audience and people realize that they are listening to the masters of music, you create a positive tension and people’s reaction is fantastic; such is the case this evening in Paracin, where we perform for the first time. You have an extraordinary concert hall, very acoustic, said Slavko Nikolic, opera singer, by the end of the concert.

From the "BILTEN’’ N. Stankovic

“The stars were shining”

Napolitanian arias in the Serbian Cultural Centre of Novi Sad

......In the beautiful and thronged-with-people hall of the Serbian Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, the Evening of the most beautiful arias and Napolitanian songs was held two days ago.

......Three manifold-talented artists performed, the fantastic tenor Slavko Nikolic, who is a master of arts (solo singing) and a graphic engineer, the pianist Miodrag Colakovic, a painter and poet, and Petar Golubovic, who plays about ten instruments.
Slavko Nikolic was singing with his full voice and full heart, not sparing his emotions; his diction was very good, as he was a native Italian, and he was establishing a very good team cooperation with Colakovic and Golubovic (who illuminated with the mandolin – the beautiful instrument from the 18th century with nacreous wood inlaying, and also with the accordion and the guitar discreetly- the thing which is called the mood, the atmosphere.
......In the expert programme, not only interpretated but also thought-out, Rossini’s virtuously composed “Tarantella” fot the piano is excellently inserted, as well as Vittorio Monti’s “Cardas” for the accordion, with numerous tremollos and some kind of flageolet in the central part.
......You could also hear a famous Cavaradossi’s aria “The stars were shining” from the 3rd act of “Toska”, performed much more touchingly and eloquently than the night before in Belgrade’s opera, when forte dynamism dominated all the time in orchestra, as well as in the solo parts. He singed about T. Cotrao’s, G. Puccinio’s and A.Bixio’s “Lucia”, about S. Cardiglio’s “Core’ ngrato” who has “Ungrateful heart” – warm, tender and passionate at the same time, just like she’s expressing her love all the time with her softly voice.
He received applauses “on the open air scene”, during the piano’s replicas between verses. The audience hardly let him to leave the stage.

From the "BORBA” G. K.

"Days of serbian culture in Paris"

......Our famous opera singer, Slavko Nikolic, tenor, has recently come back from Paris where he held three solo concerts at the Days of Serbuan Culture. That way the Serbs in France celebrated the World`s Day of Music.
.....The first evening Nikolic gave a concert to the accompainment of the pianist Miodrag Colakovic, performing the most beautiful songs written by Serbian composers: Konjovic, Binicki, Filipovic, Bajic, Hristic and others. On the concerts held in the residence Hall of Ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro in Paris and Cultural centre of Serbia and Montenegro, the audience had a great pleasure to hear not only Serbian repertoire but pearls of world cultural inheritence.Pettar Golubovic also introduced himself playing several instruments: mandolin, balalaika, buzuki. The performance of our artists was greeted by roars of “Encore”by respected people from French public and cultural life.
.“Thanks to these successful performances we are going to be on a guest toure in other French towns, too. We also plan a series of concerts in our country. On 9th July Suzana Suvakovic - Savic, sopran and I are having a concert in Vrbas and after that in Nis, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Pancevo, Ub and Arandjelovac”, says Slavko Nikolic.

D.V.K.”POLITIKA”,30th June 2005.

Twenty solo songs by Serbian authors on the CD presenting Slavko Nikolic, tenor and Miodrag Colakovic, pianist

"Pearls of serbian solo song"

......“Musical market” nowadays is flooded with musical editions of very suspicious values. However, some sparks of hope do come up making us believe that real values still exist. The latest CD – “Pearls of Serbial solo song” is certainly one of them. Twenty songs written by well known authors (P.Konjovic, S.Binicki, I.Bajic, S.Hristic, M.Milojevic, V.Baronijan, K.Babic and M.Filipovic) are the result of a long term cooperation and devotion of the two interpreters and represent authentic section of the genre.
......Since we meet devoted artists here, success comes unexpectedly. Nikolic and Colakovic grow extremely cultivated expression, they refine musica l- poetic miniature using attentively sculptured expression, strict diferentiation of style, thought and temperament of its performers.Listen only to “Sevdah”by Petar Konjovic, ”Elegija”by Stevan Hristic or a burlesque “Rasle tikve na bunjistu”by Milovan Filipovic. What a gallery of specific characters fitted into this collection!
......A booklet, published for this occasion is designed with taste and contains detailed biographies of performers – translated into english and german. Our producers and sound mixers also gave their contribution as a guarantee of quality of the recordings: Zoran Jerkovic, Zoran Marinkovic, Jugoslav Bosnjak, Mario Kremzir…
......After all, once you sense sincerity as a way of communication between Nikolic and the audience, you will ask for another experience, that is for sure.

Marija Ciric

Slavko Nikolic,tenor and Slavica Ciric-Radic,sopran

"The most beautiful napolitan and spanish songs (PGP RTS)"

......Popular repertoire always seems to be the best way to join vast audience and artistic musical literature. Concerts of Pavaroti, Domingo and Carreras held in recent years speak in favour of popular melodies. The similar trend has moved to our country or precisely to the Hall of Kolarac National University where Slavica Ciric-Radic, sopran and Slavko Nikolic, tenor held a concert in the accompainment of Symphony Orchestra and “Stanislav Binicki”orchestra condusted by Pavle Medakovic and Robert Ivanovic.

......With brilliant singing technique and a sense of belcanto, both soloists were aware of the mission that by recording this concert, they clear the path to vast audience. Therefore the repertoire consisted of popular songs by Spanish and Italian authors,such as “O sole mio”, ”Core n`grato”, ”Torna a Suriento”, ”Matinata”and others.
......Despite some technical mistakes, often unavoidable during live recordings of concerts, the audience gets a CD to enjoy, knowing it has raised far above musical mediocrity which is present all around nowadays, exceeding all expectations. As with PGP RTS and its editors, they get artistic product they can be proud of.